Irrigation Training Institute

Eng. L. Laksiri Silva
Director of Irrigation
071 410 0311

Eng. P. Rasikaran
Chief Engineer
077 604 4285

Eng. S. Sukitharan
Course Coordinator for Diploma Programme
071 153 2555

Eng. I. M. S. P. Sumanadasa
Irrigation Engineer (Services)
071 497 3349

Eng. S. K. A. S. Chaturanga
Earth Resource Engineer
071 774 4319

Eng. D. Jeevathas
Irrigation Engineer
075 674 8021

Our mission

Facilitate human resource and provide national comparative education, training and research through Irrigation & Water resource management for the betterment of community in Sri Lanka.


To be a national leader in technical education, training and research for Irrigation & Water resource management.

Quality Policy

Facilitate human resource for Irrigation sector for optimum utilization of land and water for irrigated agriculture.

Academic Support Staff

Mr. A. P. K. Weerawardhana
Divisional Assistant
071 612 1624

Mrs. J. M. A. S. Karunarathna
Engineering Assistant
071 866 3359

Mrs. W. M. S. Wanninayaka
Engineering Assistant
071 047 9236